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We provide you with the best specialized talent in the market (IT) under the outsourcing scheme, through our Multidimensional Model of Talent Management, focused on optimizing the processes of recruitment, selection and development of IT personnel in your company.

Given the multiple needs of our clients and the agility they need for their projects, we also offer the specialized IT recruitment service, where we use our experience to offer a resource that meets the specifications of the profile in a short time.

Tercerización de personal especializado en IT


Software Architect

The expert who makes high-design decisions and dictates technical standards, coding, tools and platforms

QA Engineer

Responsible for the error control processes of software products, to ensure product quality throughout the development cycle

Senior Developer

Software developer engineer, with several years of experience and with a solid knowledge in the programming language and tools

Project Manager

The person responsible for the planning, procurement and execution of a project.

IT Auditor

The examiner of IT controls, which guarantees the safeguarding of assets, data integrity and effective operation to meet the organization’s objectives

Network Administrator

Maintains the physical computational infrastructure with an emphasis on the network, to ensure the integrity and security of the same

Community Manager

Responsible for building, growing and managing the online community of the organization or its brand

Junior Developer

Responsible for the development and coding of software under the guidelines and standards of the organization and the development leader

Support Engineer

Engineers specialized in solving questions and problems of the software / hardware of the organization



Reduce internal hiring costs.

Find the optimal return on your investment in new hires.


Speed up your time to hire new talent.

Our process integrates your criticality levels in time, to cover vacancies in a certain period.


We put at your disposal the specialized talent according to your particular needs.

In our offer we combine the experience gained in the IT industry and our knowledge in the management of human talent.

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